Wednesday, 13 October 2010

You live and you learn!

Well ... so i tried uploading the little bouncing balls videos onto the learning space sometime yesterday evening and imagine my PANIC when it JUST WOULDN't work, so first thing i did is check the file size, and surprise surprise it was 67Mb, way over the limit. I ran to the studio and it turns out i was suppose to save my project in MPEG format (compressed form).
After submitting my work, when the panic was over I realised i wanted to redo it :) so i DID redo my bowling ball  and submitted it again,so here it is !

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My first ever animation on paper :)

This is my first animation :). Our task was to animate a falling football and a bowling ball and to show the difference between the two (as both are essentially a drawn circle). There should be a difference in speed, weight and bounciness. I did a lot more drawings for the falling football mainly because it bounces off when it hits the ground, but also because i made it fall a little slower than the bowling ball.I also used a lot more "squash and stretch" techniques for the football, to show that its a lot less rigid.