Wednesday, 23 February 2011

After Effects

This is my After Effects project, but unfortunately not a very good quality copy yet, as dynamic link just REFUSED to work and render cue was also very stroppy. So after 4 hours of rendering this very low quality video is a result :D , enjoy !

My Life in Falmouth Initial Thoughts

Here is a couple of my initial ideas , but i really think its going to change depending on what sound i will record, im posting a few images of my character design sketches and also a "things i associate with cornwall" page :) a jumble of ideas.
Firstly i thought of this shop in falmouth, which is just FUUULLL of like a gazillion things, i don't really know what it's called but when you walk in, there's really not even enough space to stand :D , so i want to maybe interview the shop owner, see if anything good comes of it :) and the character that i came up with is a hedgehog :) , (well not fully came up with yet , but its getting there).
Than i decided to sketch all the things that i associate with cornwall, and whilst doing that i came up with a possible other idea - A surfboard as a character.
So based on those two things i should be able to get an interesting sound recording when i go into falmouth.