Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Animation Mentoring Continued

James' first attempt of the storyboard
After the first session with James, I decided that due to the limited time we had and also the style of his character design, Flash would be the best programme for him to use.

I gave him some homework, after we finalised the story together, i explained to him what a storyboard was and asked him to draw his story out. Also due to the time limit i decided it would be best, to focus on one of his superhero characters, called SuperSid.

The story James came up with, was that a lion breaks out of his cage at the zoo, and the superhero SuperSid is called to save the day. I also asked him to draw some different facial expressions for his characters.

I've included here, the drawings that he did for homework.
After this session i went away and scanned all of his artwork, and redrew it so that all the sizes matched up for seamless animation. I used photoshop to draw, although i could've drawn straight in flash, instead of vectorising my drawings inside flash later. (which i started doing later)
After creating a library inside flash i was ready to start explaining evrything to James at the next lesson.

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