Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Super Sid comes alive

Print Screen from a flash project, showing character parts
After loads of redrawing, (at the same time it was very important to me to stay as close as possible to James' original drawings) i finally started putting the character of Super Sid together in flash.
Here's a print screen of the library in flash, with all the seperate components of the character. Having everything clearly labeled was key, as i was trying to make it as easy as possible for James to use.
Before each lesson i would have a play with what it is that i was trying to achieve (I must say i was learning aswell, a lot of it was trial and error). I found , that James learned a lot more enthusiastically, after I'd show him an example of what he could make at the end of the lesson.

This was a colour reference image
done by James.

 So normally i'd start by explaining some basic function within flash, for example scaling rotating, drawing etc. and than show him an example using his characters and drawings, at which point he'd get extremely happy and start paying attention again :).
After all the hard work it was amasing to see his face as i showed him an .SWF of Sid just blinking and changing his facial expression, it was the same for me, and i think it'll never get old, that moment that you first see your character come alive.

The final character
constructed in Flash

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